14 May 2012

Zambia: Zambezi Airlines to resume operations

update (30 May 2012): Zambezi Airlines's website still does not allow any bookings, although the booking engines are online.

update (17 May 2012): A first proof of life from Zambezi Airlines - their website got updated. It is still not possible to book flights, but the airline is now at least presenting some updates on passenger ticket refunds:
(a) Tickets purchased through travel agencies - clients are advised to approach their respective travel agents. Travel Agencies are receiving these monies directly from IATA via the BSP platform.
(b) Tickets purchased through Zambezi Airlines Ticketing Offices - clients to receive cash refunds beginning 1 July 2012 
Zambezi Airlines, a privately owned airline based in Lusaka (Zambia), will resume flights by June 2012. The airline got suspended from operating on reasons of failing to adhere to safety and schedule regulations as required in the aviation sector by the Zambian Government in October 2011. According to Zambezi Airlines's website, the "portal will be reactivated for flight bookings and reservations on 15th May, 2012". We'll keep you posted!

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