22 May 2012

Lion Park (Johannesburg): The teenager & his hyena

If you are visiting the famous Lion Park near Johannesburg, you might get the chance to meet 16-year-old schoolboy Shandor Larenty and his 18-month-old spotted hyena named Thender. Thender was rejected by his mother, so Shandor’s dad, British lion wrangler Alex Larenty agreed to take him in to his house for some weeks and, later on, to live with the other hyenas at his Lion Park.
Now that Thender is a fully-grown hyena, Shandor and him are so used to each other that the hyena is not only eating out of Shandor’s mouth, but is also letting him clean his teeth afterwards. Another amazing story from the African bush. Kudos Matt Tabaccos from NR5 for the video below!

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