10 May 2012

South Africa: Mango to introduce inflight Wi-Fi

update (01 Aug 2012): South African budget airline Mango is celebrating its final month of beta testing for its G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi service by making Facebook and Twitter access free and by  cutting the cost of access to the Internet on flights by 50%.

South African budget airline Mango has, together with Wireless G and Vodacom, launched the very first inflight Wi-Fi in the entire Southern hemisphere on 09 May 2012.
Passengers on Mango operated flights can now surf the internet using G-Connect, the Internet service provider Wireless G's in-flight WiFi, when travelling between South Africa's major centres. The service allows full on-board Internet connectivity, including web browsing, sending and receiving of e-mails as well as the use of all social networks. An air-to-land SMS service is also available, managed through a certain web service.  
G-Connect is compatible with most WiFi-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

There are three different G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi packages on offer. One-Way Access is priced at R50 per single sector flight with a One Day pass available at R90, irrespective of the number of flights completed during a 20 hour period. A per-minute option, billed through G-Connect online account, offers land and air convergence at R1 per minute. All three packages offer unlimited data use during the allotted time.

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