29 May 2012

Social work internship in South Africa (Knysna)

Country: South Africa (Knysna)
Departures: Available all year round. Placements are very flexible, you can choose your own start and finish dates.
More info: Price includes accommodation, food, meeting you at the airport, transfer to your accommodation, full pre-departure support, local in-country team support and backup, 24 hour emergency support. 
You'll work with social workers who provide counselling services to people in need of support owing to emotional problems they may be suffering from.
These can include marital and family stress, depression, mid-life crisis, divorce counselling, HIV-related counselling, conflict management and parenting.
The Society (FAMSA - Families South Africa) is very much family orientated, serving to help resolve family problems and disintegration. It is one of a chain of Centres throughout South Africa. The Centre is not very big, thus you'll have opportunity to learn a lot about all the areas of counselling and social work that they deal with. Counsel families and adults in the beautiful coastal resort town of Knysna. Any person from any type of background could need assistance and counselling, regardless of background. The counsellors help people from Knysna’s more wealthy areas as well as from the very large disadvantaged township surrounding the town.
The FAMSA Centre's counselling programmes include a wide range of methods and techniques by which clients are helped:
  • Resolve personal and inter-personal problems
  • Select and adopt more constructive attitudes and skills of relating
  • Enhance their functioning in significant relationships and other interpersonal transactions
The Centre's motto is "We believe in every person’s potential to solve their own problems. We give support and guidelines for optimal functioning." They have centres all around South Africa and in Knysna they are supported by the Department of Social Development, the Knysna Municipality, the Lotto and various members of the public and businesses.
The services provided by the Centre can be split up into five areas:
  • Counselling
  • Trauma support
  • Training
  • Parenting support
  • Various programmes that they run
All counselling is done by appointment only and takes place in the office at the Centre. The appointments last for an hour each.

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