16 May 2011

Cape Town: MyCiti bus service launched

The inaugural service of Cape Town’s MyCiTi bus transport system has officially been launched. The first phase, which was introduced on 09 May 2011, runs between Table View and the city centre and signalled a milestone for the transformation of public transport in Cape Town.

The launch, which is phased, is outlined below:
  • Since Monday 9 May 2011, MyCiTi buses are running along the red trunk route on the R27 between the Table View and Civic Centre bus stations. They will not stop at any of the stations in between. The service will run between 09:00 and 15:00 from Monday to Friday. Buses will depart on an hourly basis from the Civic Centre and Table View stations. Tickets for the service will cost R10,00 per trip.
  • On Saturday 14 May 2011, the full trunk service started operating with the buses stopping at all stations along the trunk route.The interim inner-city feeder route, called the Gardens-Civic Centre-Waterfront route, will also begin operating. This route will run between the Civic Centre and Green Point, the Waterfront, the Loop and Long Street areas and Gardens. Tickets for the feeder routes will cost R5,00 per trip, but travel on the feeder routes is free when used in conjunction with a trunk route trip, which costs R10,00.
  • Over the weekend of Saturday 21 May and Sunday 22 May 2011, all of the Table View feeder services will also start operating. These will cover Big Bay, Table View, Parklands and Blaauwberg – also linking up to the trunk service.
red trunk route
Tickets for the MyCiti serrice commence with a flat fare structure of R5 for a feeder trip in the Table View area and on the Gardens-Civic-Waterfront route and R10 for the trunk route between Table View and Civic Centre in Cape Town. The maximum fare for a trip is R10. Users of the trunk route service will be able to access free feeder services at either end of the journey. For example, someone living in Big Bay or Parklands and working in the Gardens could travel the entire route for R10 each way. Tickets will be available for sale on the buses and at MyCiTi stations.

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