02 May 2011

Windhoek (Namibia) time-lapse video

Windhoek, located in central Namibia in the Khomas Highland plateau area around 1,700m above sea level, is not only the the country's biggest city and capital, but also the country's (only) major commercial and financial center.
The city is situated in a semi-arid climatic region. During the summer month days are mostly warm with very hot days, while nights are generally cool. The winter months of June, July and August usually experience little or no rain. Nights during winter are usually cool, although the temperature rarely drops below the freezing point, and it almost never snows. Days are usually warm to hot.

Theories vary on how Windhoek got its name. Most believe it is derived from the Afrikaans word for a "windy corner" - Wind-Hoek. Another theory suggests that Captain Jonker Afrikaner, the fourth Captain of the Orlams in South West Africa, named Windhoek after the Winterhoek Mountains in South Africa, where his ancestors had lived.

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