14 May 2011

Karura Forest in Nairobi now open to the public

Nairobi's Karura Forest, located north of the city centre, has been opened to the public as a tourist attraction. All plans for residential and commercial developments in the 1063ha forest have finally been denied and/or have been relinquished by the developers who realised that their plans to develop the area would also be refused. As a part of its activities in marketing local tourism sites, the Kenya Tourism Board is now also listing the Karura Forest under the Nairobi Tourism Circuit for domestic and international tourists.

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Visitors to the forest can enjoy various sights in the forest, including the Mau Mau caves, a 50-metre waterfall and a bamboo forest, in addition to hiking trails and picnic spots. The forest also contains a camp facility for visitors. Wildlife in the forest include Monkey species, bush baby, bushbuck, bush pig, porcupine, duiker, genet, dik dik, African civet and epauletted bat. Karura Forest is managed by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

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