31 May 2011

New James Bond novel "Carte Blanche" set largely in Cape Town

The new James Bond novel "Carte Blanche", written by Jeffery Deaver, is set largely in Cape Town. The book, which was launched in London a couple of days ago, is also set in Serbia, Dubai and London.

Asked about why he chose Cape Town for the backdrop of his book, author Jeffery Deaver commented according to Cape Town Tourism "I've been coming to Cape Town for ten years. I love the country. And true to James Bond novels, Cape Town is exotic and beautiful."

Some bestselling books (and follow-up films), especially Dan Brown's books "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels And Demons", had a certain impact on tourism as people started visiting Rome and Paris respectively just because of the books. Maybe Cape Town will, in case "Carte Blanche" is good, succesfull and will be turned into a movie, also see some "James Bond" tourism in future. We'll keep you posted ;-)

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