06 May 2011

Book recommendation: "Overland" by Peter Mandra

Have you ever wondered if you could survive a six-week, barebones trek through Africa? With your partner?!? And a truckload of annoying strangers?!? 
That's 'overlanding', a form of land-based, group travel utilizing a converted truck. Overland travel is very popular in continents like Africa where the terrain is rugged and the sights hard to get to.
Through the new travel narrative Overland, you will experience Africa through the eyes of Paul DuPree, who, with his future wife at his side, quit his job to participate in a humor-filled 'overland' journey across Africa with some of the strangest fellow travelers you'll ever meet.
The wild animals? Dangerous. Most nights, a canvas tent is the only thing separating you from some of Africa's most notorious beasts.
Life on the road? Rugged. You'd sell your soul for the taste of a cheeseburger.
And the break-neck speed of the South Africa to Kenya itinerary? Brutal. And be sure to bring more than one spare tire.
Yet no hardship tests your sanity nearly as much as your irritating travel companions do...
Overland is your hilarious ticket to a pain, hunger and mosquito free visit to Africa. And best of all, unlike Paul, you have the luxury of being able to get away from your traveling companions before that burning desire creeps in to strangle them... (via amazon.com)

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