04 August 2015

Three U.S. airlines ban transport of hunting trophies!

Three airlines from the USA, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Arlines, have announced they will no longer transport buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion or rhino trophies with immediate effect. Delta Air Lines is currently the biggest U.S. carrier to Africa, while United Airlines serves only one destination in Africa. (Lagos, Nigeria). American Arlines currently offers no flights to Africa.

03 August 2015

Swaziland: The dates of the Reed Dance 2015 have been announced!

Swaziland Tourism has announced the dates of the 2015 Reed Dance. The festival will start on 25 August 2015, with the main day of the event (day 7) to happen on 31 August 2015. This is when the main ceremony occurs, with the dancing attended by King Mswati III. 31 August 2015 will be a public holiday in Swaziland.

The Reed Dance ceremony is a centuries old tradition where the Swaziland's unmarried and childless females present their newly cut reed to the Queen Mother to protect her residence. The highlight of the event is the reed-giving ceremony. Tens of thousands of maidens from Swaziland gather at the Queen Mother's royal village, the Ludzidzini Royal Residence, dressed in traditional attire; bright short beaded skirts with colourful sashes revealing their bare breasts to dance and sing and celebrate the unification of the Kingdom’s women. His Majesty King Mswati lll, who sometimes makes use of the occasion to publicly court a prospective fiancée, joins the celebrations to pay tribute to the maidens. 

28 July 2015

Kruger National Park Calendar - September

  • it is spring time in the park
  • fresh mornings & warm to hot days
  • it can get pretty cold at night
  • occasional showers
  • pretty unpredictable weather patterns

  • first green shoots
  • spring flush depending on rain
  • new mopane growth with red-tinged leaves
  • good spring indicator: purple flowers of tree wisteria
Animal Activity:
  • Game still concentrated around watering holes etc.
  • migrant birds begin arriving
  • Elephants are coming south from their winter feeding grounds in the north

27 July 2015

Air China to launch direct flights to South Africa in October 2015!

The national flag carrier of China, Air China, will launch direct flights between Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) in Beijing, China, and OR Tambo International Airport (JNB) in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 29 October 2015. The airline will operate three flights a week between the two destinations, codesharing with South African Airways (SAA). Flights will depart Beijing at 23:15 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, arriving in Johannesburg at 07:55. Return flights from Johannesburg will depart at 11:50 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, arriving the following day in Beijing at 07:30.

24 July 2015

Namibia: New Swakopmund image film!

The Swakopmund Municipality has, in cooperation with print and digital media company Legends of Africa, produced a new image film about the town of Swakopmund. The 15-minute film focuses on all that Swakopmund has to offer, from activities to services, accommodation to development. Enjoy!

British Airways suspends flights between London <> Entebbe (Uganda)!

The flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, British Airways, will end its service between London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in London and Entebbe International Airport (EBB) in Entebbe, Uganda, in October 2015. The last flight between the two destinations will depart London for Entebbe on 02 October 2015, while the last flight to London will leave Entebbe on 03 October 2015. British Airways currently operates three weekly flights on board a Boeing 767 between London and Entebbe.

23 July 2015

South African Airways lifts ban on transportation of hunting trophies

The cargo division of South African Airways (SAA), South African Airways Cargo (SAA Cargo), has, according to the Cargo Policy and Procedures Advisory No 278 (20 July 2015), lifted the ban on the transportation of hunting trophies. SAA Cargo's trophy transport ban covered species such as elephant, rhino, lion and tiger.

South African Airways (SAA) announced the decision to ban the transportation of hunting trophies on 21 April 2015, following an incident in which hunting trophies were allegedly shipped to Perth (Australia) under a false label of "mechanical equipment". [more]