02 May 2011

Video: Road Safety in Namibia

The travel experts from South Africa's travel magazine "Go" ("Weg" in Afrikaans) have made a very good video about road safety in Namibia.

10 driving tips for Namibia's gravel roads:
  1. Don't speed
  2. Maintain bigger following distances when it's very dusty
  3. Don't drive at night
  4. Carry two spare wheels with you
  5. Carry a toolkit to fix your flat tyres
  6. If you don't know how to drive in thick sand, then don't try
  7. Phone in advance to check on road conditions
  8. Drive in a convoy of two or more cars if you are really heading into the bundu
  9. Fill up at every opportunity
  10. Have we mentioned that you shouldn't speed?

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