21 September 2011

A virtual tour through Stellenbosch

The town of Stellenbosch, located about 55km east of Cape Town, is South Africa's second oldest European settlement in the Western Cape, after the Mothern City. The town was foundet in 1679 by the Governor of the Cape Colony, Simon van der Stel, who named it after himself - Stel(l)-enbosch actually means "Stel's forest". During 1690 some Huguenot refugees settled in Stellenbosch and started planting grapes in the fertile valleys around town. It took them only a couple of years to establish the centre of the South African wine industry in Stellenbosch.

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Our virtual tour through Stellenbosch is starting at the Moederkerk, the oldest church in Stellenbosch. From there, turn right and follow "Drostdy Road" untill you reach "Dorp Street", the historical main road of Stellenbosch. Turn right and follow the road untill you reach "Andringa Street" on your right hand side. Follow the road to explore the town's CBD. Enjoy Stellenbosch!

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