16 September 2011

Car Hire: Europcar South Africa recently introduced tyre and windscreen cover

Europcar South Africa recently introduced a "Tyre and Windscreen Cover" (TWC) with zero excess to all customers. TWC is the latest product offering that covers customers in the event of tyres being damaged and/or windscreens chipped, cracked or broken.
Many drivers suffer damages such as tyre bursts from potholes and broken windscreens after being hit by a stone from a passing vehicle. This just goes to show how easy it if for tyres and windscreens to get damaged on the road. Europcar South Africa is offering customers Tyre and Windscreen Cover to ensure that they have one less thing to worry about.
TWC can be purchased at R15 per day when making a reservation or picking up a vehicle. A driver who declines to take out this cover will be liable for the full amount of repairing or replacing damaged tyres and windscreens, including the payment of a handling fee.

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