07 September 2011

South Africa's "online reputation" isn't too bad...

South African company Acceleration Media analysed South Africa's online reputation in a recent study. A total of 530,000 discussions about South Africa across social and news media was covered during August 2011 through the online reputation management tool Radian6, which was used in the study.
About 11% of the 530,000 discussions about South Africa were "strongly positive", while only 2% were "negative". The remaining 87% were pretty neutral (link sharing, news sharing etc.). Most topics covered tourism, trade oder investment related topics. Of the roughly 60,000 conversations which could be tracked amoung users from South Africa, 14% were "positive" and only 2% were "negative".
The majority of the international conversations about South Africa took place on twitter (39%), followed by blogs (21%) and facebook (14%), while about two-thirds off all discussions about South Africa made by South Africans happend on twitter (71%).

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