23 September 2011

Bouldering in South Africa's Rocklands

South Africa's Rocklands, located about 200km north of Cape Town, is a world-known spot for world class bouldering and sport climbing. The area offers a large variety of quality climbing of all grades in both bouldering and sport climbing in a rather small area, so that you don't have to do a lot of walking or even hiking to get to the different boulder locations.
As most of the Rocklands is situated on CapeNature land, day permits (or a Wildcard) must be obtained. Bouldering areas that fall on CapeNature land include Fortress, Otherside, Campside, Champside, Riverside, Taaiboshkraal, Roadcrew and Roadside. The Clanwilliam Tourism Office issues daily permits for access to all CapeNature land. 

The nearest town to the Rocklands is Clanwilliam, where you can find a number of different accommodation establishments, as well as supermarkets and restaurants. Clanwilliam is about 20km from the Rocklands.

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