29 September 2011

Turkish Airlines launched live TV and internet services on its Trans-Atlantic flights

Turkey's flag carrier Turkish Airlines is the first carrier to offer live, inflight television on Trans-Atlantic flights and is also one of the first European carriers to introduce inflight wifi internet access to it’s passengers.
Turkish Airlines is using the PLANET IFE Platform, a Global Communication Suite System developed by Panasonic, for both Live TV and, when finished testing, wireless Wi-Fi Internet.
Live TV on intercontinental flights is a first and will feature a variety of programming including uninterrupted access to BBC World, BBC Arabic and Euronews channels with sport channels to soon be added. Seats are also equipped with in-seat power that allows charging of mobile devices as well as continuous Internet connectivity.
Turkish Airlines received the first B777-300ER equipped with the PLANET IFE Platform from the Boeing Company on 23 September 2011. The airline also plans to activate this system on 11 additional B777-300ER and 10 Airbus 330-300 aircraft in its fleet in the near future.

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