06 September 2011

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) increased fees for some National Parks

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the custodian of Kenya's national parks, has again increased the daily (foreign) visitor fee for the so-called "premium parks" Amboseli and Lake Nakuru to US$80/person as a flat rate charged throughout the year with immediate effect.
Foreign visitors used to pay US$60 during low season at the premium parks and US$75  during the peak seasons (January to March, July to October).
According to Kenya's Forestry and Wildlife minister Noah Wekesa, the increase had to be done to meet KWS' conservation obligations, to boost the conservation efforts and reduce the service's dependence on the government.

Beside the "premium parks" Amboseli and Lake Nakuru, the tariffs for the so-called "wilderness parks", namely Tsavo East, Tsavo West & Meru, also got increased. All other 47 parks managed by KWS are not affected. Kenyans will continue paying Sh500 at premium parks and Sh300 in all others.

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