28 September 2011

Save the Rhino - what Anthony Bourdain suggests Paul McCartney should do about it!

I am currently reading Anthony Bourdain's book "Medium Raw" - a great book and a "bloody valentine to the world of food and the people who cook". Anyway, on page 260 (US version) Bourdain writes about his visit to one of what was said to be New York's premier fine-dining vegan restaurants, which, he was assured, is one of Paul McCartney's favorite ones in New York.
Bourdain went there with "a boyfriend of a producer" who was actually trying to bring him "over to the other [vegan] side". Over "some organic wine and much convival conversation" Bourdain passed on the following suggestion to "Sir Paul":

pls click on the pic to enlarge

Quite a good idea, isn't it? ^^


  1. Pssh. Anthony Bourdain is only interested in Anthony Bourdain.

    Call me crazy but I admire people like McCartney who are consistent in their views over a long period of time, and speak out on something they believe in strongly even though doing so has rarely brought him anything but public ridicule. He's always been moderate about vegetarianism, never in your face, and never as strident as many of the meat eaters I know who somehow interpret his expressing his views as a threat to their sausage consumption.

  2. Bourdain apparently considers himself an authority on just about every topic, but clearly doesn't know that much of the market for powdered rhino horn is even stupider than he believes - as a pricey (and totally ineffectual) hangover cure. If Bourdain wants to make a difference in the world, he should start by actually doing something constructive rather than simply doling out advice to his famous mates. As a footnote, would you rather have dinner with Sir Paul or AB?