04 February 2011

Star-gazing in Namibia

I'd say you haven't truly experienced Namibia unless you have been to one of the amazingly remote places where you can gaze at the stars in the sky at night without any artificial lights around you (incl. city lights etc.!). It is stunning, mind-blowing and somehow probably impossible to describe. Neverteless, watch the video (filmed in Central Namibia) below for a glimpse of what you might look at in Namibia:

southern stars from Till Credner on Vimeo.

The three time lapse clips show the night sky from Namibia in southern Africa. The sun sets in the west and is followed by a broad and diffuse display of Zodiacal light, i.e. interplanetary dust illuminated by the sun. The center of our milky way is rising in the opposite direction. The third view shows the apparent rotation of our sky around the south celestial pole. There is no bright pole star in the southern hemisphere.

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