10 February 2011

Kitesurfer jumping down a harbour crane in Cape Town

A kitesurfer jumping down a mobile harbour crane in Cape Town... INSANE!

Crane Jump from kitecentre Zanzibar on Vimeo.

The dude who filmed it, Dim from Kite Centre Zanzibar, spoke with the kitesurfer, Nik, and posted what he said as a comment on the video: "It was an impulse action he said, with struggels he could grap the edge of the boat and climb on it, after that the plan was just to jump off the boat on the other side, but than he saw the crane and thought, just go for it. With just half a meter on both sides in between the cranes he climbed up, binded the board with his leash behind him, no resque plan. .... At the take off, he was swept away in the wrong direction. He pulled the bar in the loop in the wrong way, he said he thought he would die. Suddenly the kite pulled him the right way again and he finished his jump. ..
After that his camera and all his gear was stolen, just after a beach elastic tow-inn session a hour later...."

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