21 February 2011

Kenya: The Sailing Doctors of the Lamu archipelago (video)

The archipelago of Lamu, Kenya is made up of a series of remote island communities. A great number of whom have little or no access to medical care and have to travel for days over land and sea in order to reach their nearest dispensary. In many cases, there is no choice other than to stay at home and die.

In this short film a team from Butterfly Films follows the Anne Spoerry Sailing Doctors team as they brave the challenging journey to these remote islanders, bringing them not only the medical care that they so desperately need, but also, and perhaps more importantly, a sense that they have not been forgotten by all. Kudos!

The Anne Spoerry Sailing Doctors is a Community Based Organization in Lamu, Kenya. It was founded in July 2009 for the purpose of providing regular basic health services to the remote areas of the Lamu District. The Sailing Doctors project was founded by Bernard Spoerry, Daniela Blattler, Nikolai Barnwell, Ali Gabow and Chloe Spoerry. Its mission was greatly inspired by the work of the late Dr Anne Spoerry who worked with AMREF’s Flying Doctors services since 1964.

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