08 February 2011

Namibia: Lodges, campsites, roads etc. closed due to rain/floods - daily updates!

update (17 Feb 2011): The Auob Country Lodge campsite has been reopened (was closed since around 27 Jan 2011) and operations are back to normal.

update (14 Feb 2011): The road from the 2x4 parking area to Sossusvlei is currently closed. Visitors can however walk to the vlei.
The Remshoogte Pass (C24)is now open for 4x4 only. You can also take the MR47 between Rietoog and Nabaseb
The Spreetshoogte Pass (D1275) is open for 4X4 only.
The Gaub Pass (C14) is open again. As parts of the road is slippery. The C14 between Solitaire and Maltahöhe is still wet and slippery.
A part of the C12 between Seeheim & Holoog is still closed. You can take the B4 from Keetmanshoop and turn into the D545 alternatively. The road bypasses the closed area and re-joins the C12.
Water restrictions in Walvis Bay will remain in force. There will be shutdowns of water supplies; water will be available on the following days and at the following times:
Monday 14.02.2011 > 09:00 - 18:00 > 22h00 - 06h00
Tuesday 15.02.2011 > 09:00 - 18:00 > 22h00 - 06h00
Wednesday 16.02.2011 > 09:00 - 18:00 > 22h00 - 06h00

update (12 Feb 2011): The B3 tarred road between Ariamsvlei & Karasburg has been reopened following construction of a temporary gravel road detour around 12,8 km section of damaged road.

update (11 Feb 2011): Walvis Bay will experience low water pressure for the next couple of days due to damaged infrastructure in the Kuiseb River, which has affected the water supply from Swartbank and the A-area, where Walvis Bay gets most of its water. There will also be a complete shutdown of water supply between 10:00 and 18:00 on 11 Feb 2011. Water will be available between 18:00 and 22:00 on the evening of 11.02.2011 and supply will again be shut down between 22:00 (11.02.2011) and 06:00 on the morning of 12.02.2011.
Water points along Fifth Road will be made available immediately and will be open throughout the day. Travellers should ensure that they have enough bottled water for the night. If travellers are in Swakopmund, bottled water can also be obtained there. 

update (08 Feb 2011): The Gaub Pass between Walvis Bay & Solitaire (C14) is currently closed. (Gaub River is running) Please take the C14 from Walvis Bay over the Kuiseb Pass and turn onto the C26 towards Windhoek. Drive over the Gamsberg Pass and turn right into the D1265. Then take the D1261 to Nauchas. If you have a 4x4 take the Spreetshoogte Pass, otherwise continue on the D1265 to the C24. Turn towards Windhoek into the C24 and take the MR47 to the C14. Take the C14 to Solitaire.
The D3700 between Ruacana & Kunene River Lodge has a lot of areas with deep water and although there are detours, these are in a very bad condition. A 4x4 with an experienced driver is required. It is advisable to drive to Kunene River Lodge on the C43 from Opuwo.
The C13 between Helmeringhausen & Aus in a poor condition. A 4x4 is recommended.
The C13 between Rosh Pinah and Noordoewer is closed due to severe damage.
The C13 between Aus and Rosh Pinah is in very good condition.

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Parts of the C39 between Khorixas & Twyfelfontein are in a bad condition. Please use the C35 south and turn onto the D2612 till you reach the Aba-Huab River. From here follow the road sign to the D3254 and to Twyfelfontein.
The D1206 between Rietoog & Büllsport is in a very bad condition. Please use the MR47 between Rietoog and Nabaseb instead.
The Remshoogte Pass (C24) between Rehoboth and Solitaire is closed. Alternatively use the MR47 between Rietoog and Büllsport instead.
also from today - News Update (pics!): Floods at Sossusvlei

Big kudos to Namibian tourism info source tourbrief (incl. other online resources) for keeping us updated regarding the current rain/flood situation in Namibia! Thx!

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