21 February 2011

Namibia: Gross Barmen resort to be redeveloped

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is currently redeveloping "Gross Barmen". The resort, known for its thermal spring, will get a day visitors area, campsite, upmarket villas, and of course, a hot spring spa.

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The overnight guests will be located within the same ground but 3km from the day visitors area. Both areas will also be completely segregated.
The new facilities at Gross Barmen will include rejuvenated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, healing and health-centre for integrated medical post surgery rehabilitation services; active-lifestyle centre with squash courts, and a beauty treatment centre.  It will also encompass a healthy-lifestyle retail section, a lifestyle village and a mini hotel.

Gross Barmen has been closed since 01 November 2010. The total redevelopmentof the camp will take around 30 months.

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