02 February 2011

"The Last Resort", a new documentary about Zimbabwe

I read Douglas Roger's book "The Last Resort" back in 2009, I wrote about "The Last Resort" in this blog back in December 2009 and now I saw on vimeo that Capetonian filmmaker Isa-Lee Jacobson is currently making a documentary acting as a sequel to Douglas' book.

The Last Resort from Isa Jacobson on Vimeo.

Douglas Rogers returns to Zimbabwe to find his parents in a precarious position: their backpackers lodge, Drifters, is as wrecked as the country. The tourists gone, it is now home to a colourful assortment of local characters, making their way through the turmoil, doing their best to improve their lives and land. Success depends on political change, still uncertain, or perhaps on the efforts of outsiders like Doug, who has his own plans to bring tourists back to Zimbabwe and resurrect Drifters.
"The Last Resort" is a film about belonging in Africa, about people brought together by their need to survive, but fortified by their determination to build a better life, no matter what the challenges. As we follow Doug on his journey home to Drifters, we hope desperately to see Tendai, Pishai, Fatso and his parents rewarded for their sheer staying power and unflagging optimism.
This is a film about hope for the future - a future that could hold a true democracy for Zimbabwe and a new start for Drifters. The film will chart this process.

The filmmakers are currently raising funds to complete this important film, which you can donate to. If you want to do so, pls visit the website of the documentary at http://thelastresortdocumentary.com/

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