14 February 2011

1st International Serengeti Day on 19 March 2011

Serengeti Watch, a nonprofit organization that will monitor the Serengeti and bring world opinion and support to bear on vital issues, has delcared 19 March 2011 the 1st International Serengeti Day.  
Serengeti Day is both a celebration of the remarkable Serengeti ecosystem and an appeal to the world community to come to its aid.  A commercial route through the Serengeti will not only devastate the ecosystem and the great migration, but will hurt the people of Tanzania by destroying tourism revenue, tens of thousands of jobs, and a proud legacy of conservation.

Many countries have their own organizers who are coordinating Serengeti Day activities. Look for a discussion group in your country. Go to their Facebook page and click on the Discussions tab at the top. For more info about Serengeti Watch, the highway and much more, pls visit www.savetheserengeti.org

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