23 January 2013

Ethiopian Airlines to adjust operations to Zimbabwe and Zambia

Ethiopia's flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, will adjust its operations to Zimbabwe and Zambia. From 27 January 2013, the airline will operate three out of its seven weekly flights via Lusaka (Zambia) to Harare (Zimbabwe). The airline is currently routing all its flights to Zimbabwe and Zambia via Harare to Lusaka and then back to Addis Ababa.
From 18 February 2013, Ethiopian Airlines will add three more weekly flights to its current seven weekly flights between the three destinations. From 18 Feb 2013 the airline operate 10 flights per week on board a Boeing 737-700 on that route. The three new flights will all be operated from Addis Ababa via Lusaka to Harare before heading back to Ethiopian Airlines' main hub in Addis Ababa. [src. Airlineroute]

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