18 January 2013

A promotional video about Rwanda (director's cut)

In mid-2012 US-based video production company Mammoth Media spend about 2 weeks in Rwanda to film a promotional video about the country for the Rwandan tourist department (Rwanda Development Board?). After delivering the finished video, the Rwandan officials decided that they don't like the video as it is and asked the production company "to omit most of the footage showing people, poverty and real life".
The video below is a re-edited version of the video currently shown in Rwanda's airports and welcome centers. It includes all that footage the Rwandan tourist deparment wished to omit! We are 100% sure that you'll love the video like we do as it is simply amazing! It will definitely put Rwanda on the bucket lists of many fellow travellers! Kudos @ Mammoth Media for making the video available! Safe travels!

AFRICA from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

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