27 March 2012

South Africa: Kruger National Park internship

Country: South Africa
Location: Kruger National Park
Departures: 2012: 17 Jan, 17 July | 2013: 15 Jan, 16 July
Price: Please enquire for current prices and duration. Price includes pre-departure support and discounted services, airport pickup, in country transport, accommodation and a 2 week training programme in the Kruger National Park.
These long term volunteer positions offer independent, ambitious volunteers the chance to work for one year in and around South Africa’s most famous national parks.
If you are seeking a change of direction or a long term, highly immersed experience in the field of conservation and environmental education these long term internship positions are for you. South African National Parks (SANParks) manages a system of 20 national parks that represent the indigenous flora, landscape and associated cultural heritage of the country. You will be placed with the ‘People and Conservation’ department according to priority projects and where your skills are most needed.
Interns play an integral part in the implementation of new policies and programmes developed by SANParks to integrate local communities into the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage sites within the parks. These national parks offer diverse adventure tourism opportunities such as game viewing, bush walks, canoeing and a chance to experience the history and culture of South Africa. The work carried out by interns is essential for the long term conservation of these areas which are both important to South Africa and the people who live alongside them.

  • Opportunity to gain experience in environmental education and conservation within a high profile organization
  • Be instrumental in the development of South Africa's National Parks
  • Receive comprehensive training programme at the Kruger National park
  • Long term opportunity for cultural immersion
  • Possible opportunities to be involved in many other aspects of a National Park such as; guiding on interpretive trails, game drives, community activities, game counts, presentations.
  • Live and work in beautiful and remote parts of South Africa.

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