23 March 2012

Kenya: Fires on Mt. Kenya finally put out

update (03 April 2012): The fires on Mt. Kenya and in the Aberdare mountains are now finally out. [more]

update (29 March 2012): Strong winds have rekindled raging fires on the Aberdare National Park complicating efforts by a team of officers to put it off. By Wednesday (28 March 2012), officials estimated that about 15,000 hectares of grassland at the park was destroyed by the fire, which started some two weeks ago. [more]

Good news from Mount Kenya National Park in Kenya. The fires that have been raging across the National Park for the last 9 days have been extinguished. There are currently no more active burning fires in the mountain accept for some logs that are still smoldering in rather isolated parts. Nevertheless roundabout 10% of of the mountain's forest has been destroyed by the fire. A second fire in the neighbouring Aberdare National Park has also largely been contained.
According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, the big mammal species like elephants, buffalos, bush bucks and the primates have been moved away from the fire. However, an unknown number of smaller invertebrates and reptiles like snakes were killed by the fire.
Kenya Wildlife Service officials said the fires on Mount Kenya were caused by "arsonists with ill intentions." It was previously said that the fires could have been set intentionally to help poachers escape after an attack. Shame of them!

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