09 March 2012

ZIMParks to introduce a "Carry In-Carry Out" policy in Mana Pools National Park

update (29 March 2012): The Carry In Carry Out project has been officially launched in the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. From now on, all visitors to the park will be given a rubbish bag and be required to bring out their rubbish.

Zimbabwe's Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, ZIMParks, has adpoted the environmentally conscious "Carry In-Carry Out" policy for Mana Pools National Park.
The "Carry In-Carry Out" initiative, which has been on trial in the park since March 2011, requires visitors of the Mana Pools National Park to take their all their litter, such as bottles, cans and plastics, with them when they leave the park. All visitors to Mana Pools are therefore receiving a complimentary refuse bag when they are checking it.
ZIMParks is planning to introduce the "Carry In-Carry Out" policy in other national parks before the end of 2012.

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