01 June 2011

Wildlife declined by up to 70% in Kenya's Mara region

The wildlife population in Kenya's Mara region, including the famous Masai Mara National Reserve, has dropped significantly over the last 30 years. According to scientists writing in the Journal of Zoology, populations of almost all wildlife species have declined to a third or less of their former abundance both in the protected Masai Mara National Reserve and in the adjoining pastoral ranches. [src.]

The scientist identified human influences, such as activities of poachers, changing land use patterns, and the explosion in the numbers of domestic livestock grazing in the region, as the main reason for the decline.
The declines are even more worrying, because it was expected that the animal populations in the Mara region have recovered since 2000-2001 when major conservation programs and increase in local policing began in an effort to protect wildlife.

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  1. There is lots of land segmentation, uncontrolled development of lodges, too many vehicles ....tourists ....its just too much....