14 June 2011

Guest post: The White Bushman!

On my recent trip to Namibia we came across an amazing person who conducts some of the best guided walks I have ever experienced. "Boesman", or "Bushman" in Afrikaans language, is a white Namibian who organizes guided desert walks throughout the Sossusvlei area.
His business, "Sossus-On-Foot", is renowned in the region and is definitely a must-do activity if you ever wander around Sossusvlei or Deadvlei.
We had a chance to visit his own property and it turned out to be a very informative walk. It's amazing how much the guy knows and you can definitely tell he is extremely passionate about what he talks about.
Did you know, for instance, that some creatures have adapted to the desert and wouldn't be able to survive if it were to rain again? Rain, as he puts it, would simply "kill the desert", and with it most of its animals would perish.

Anyway, I thought I'd include a video clip of his talk to illustrate all this. In it you'll learn quite a bit about one specific animal that has adapted to desert life: the scorpion. Boesman unveils what you need to know about these incredible living beings, from how to handle them to "the real truth about scorpion stings".

Enjoy! ;)

Michaƫl Theys
Mike runs the travel blog "African Safari Guide"; follow his tweets via @AfricaFreak

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