16 June 2011

"Kavango Open Africa Experience" route launched in Namibia

The new Kavango Open Africa Experience route was launched at the Namibia Tourism Expo on 15 June 2011. The route is based on the riverine landscapes of the Kavango, its people, birds and wildlife. The route, located in  in north eastern Namibia, roughly stretches from Mpungu in the west to Divundu in the east. Both the Mahango and the Khaudum Game Park in the south are also incorporated in the route.
The Kavango region is drained by the Okavango River and the Omuramba Omatako, a long underground river that runs from the centre of Namibia to the Okavango River. Covering a total area of 41 700 km², the Kavango region boasts 869 vegetation species from 88 families so far recognized, about 25% more species-rich than the Okavango Delta. The area the surrounding the river is offering visitors numerous activities such as sunset cruises on the Okavango River, fishing and game viewing.

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The "Kavango Open Africa Experience Route" is fourth launched in Namibia as part of the Open Africa network. Open Africa is a social enterprise that is invited into an area by a community, working with local people to identify and package their area’s tourism potential, with the idea of sustaining livelihoods and enhancing conservation through increased tourism. Open Africa has a systemised route development programme – each route is initiated and managed by the community involved – leading to an increased sense of pride and custodianship in the area, as well as opportunities for local economic development and job creation.

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