21 June 2011

Guest post: Khaya Volunteer projects in South Africa & Tanzania

Amazing safaris with the aim of spotting the Big Five, breathtaking views, unspoiled nature, great food and friendly people. This is what people think of when travelling to Africa. Khaya Volunteers wants you to see all this. And more.
When joining a volunteer project of Khaya you can visit some of the best places on earth, but also go off the beaten track. With volunteer projects in both South Africa as well as in Tanzania, you will have a great time without a doubt!

Experiences. That is what most people want nowadays. Volunteering in South Africa or Tanzania with Khaya is definitely an experience. A trip that leaves you with more memories to cherish than when you are just travelling around. As a volunteer you will meet lots of locals and thus experience one of the real African cultures. It is also possible to be a helping hand in the raising of majestic animals like the cheetah. You can give them back what humankind almost took away from them: their natural habitat.
This all sounds amazing of course, but the most important thing about volunteering is that  you can help others. Khaya chooses its projects with absolute care to make sure that the right people receive your help and efforts. You can think of helping with computer lessons, teaching English, teaching cheetahs how to hunt, organizing sports activities. There is so much you can do to improve the current situation of both the people and the animals of these countries.

An advantage of joining Khaya is that you will only have to think about what’s for dinner because everything from project to accommodation will be arranged for you. Furthermore support is provided throughout your entire stay.  All we need from you is a lot of enthusiasm and the right spirit to get things done! Are you ready for an amazing experience?
Check out our website for more information on the several projects and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
Website: http://www.khayavolunteer.com
Email: info@khayavolunteer.com


  1. Great stuff, what I liked about them is that they live and work where they offer their projects and know what is going on! Good luck to any poeple out there who want to experience any volunteer project, its a great thing if you have the right organization!

  2. Hi Thanks for Sharing This Post with us.... I Really Like this Post.