21 December 2011

Zimbabwe: Austria has closed its embassy; Denmark has re-opened its embassy

Austria has closed its embassy in Zimbabwe, but not because of politics, but due to economic reasons. Outgoing Austrian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ms Maria Moya Goesth paid, told the media that Austria is currently is in the process of cutting down on expenditure and various foreign missions have been affected.
Austrians, who need to contact their embassy, or Zimbabweans seeking Austrian information will from now on have to visit or contact the Austrian embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Danish embassy in Harare has officially re-opened its mission to Zimbabwe after it terminated the duty nine years ago. The embassy closed its mission in 2002 at the height of confrontations with the Zimbabwean government.
According to the new Danish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ketil Karlsen, Danmark has resumed a more critical role in its engagement with Zimbabwe and is one of the five bilateral donors this year.

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