21 December 2011

Advice for motorists travelling to Zimbabwe

Although it has been through its fair share of turmoil, it seems Zimbabwe is turning a corner and seeing more travelers coming back to visit. But the Automobile Association of SA, would like to give a few pointers to those travelling into Zimbabwe.

"Zimbabwe has introduced new legislation requiring motorists to carry two breakdown triangles and a fire extinguisher (750gm or over in size), effective 1st July 2011," says Gary Ronald, Head of Public Affairs at the AA. "However, as there was so much opposition to the new legislation by the motoring public, and subsequently a parliamentary investigation into the whole Road Traffic Act, these new requirements were not being enforced by the Police - presumably in anticipation of the findings of the parliamentary inquiry."
"With the onset of the holiday season, however, we are now hearing reports of the Zimbabwe Republic Police fining motorists for not having this equipment. In fact the ZRP are on a mission to fine motorists for numerous offences, including many spurious charges," continues Ronald.

For members/consumers who are visiting Zimbabwe over the holiday period please be advised of the following:
  • Ensure that you carry 2 x breakdown triangles and a 1 kg fire extinguisher (750gm extinguishers are not available). The latter must theoretically be fixed in the interior of the vehicle where it is readily to hand.
  • Fit two white reflectors to the front of their vehicles (a legal requirement).
  • Beware of numerous speed traps.
  • Be alert to spurious 'offences' for which no receipt is issued for monies paid.
  • Be alert to the fact that fines are often levied well over the stipulated amount for the offence (difficult for visitors to assess).
  • If a trailer is being towed, an additional set of breakdown triangles must be carried.
  • All vehicles must also have two red reflectors fitted to the rear, but these are almost without exception incorporated into the tail lights of every vehicle.
Hopefully this information will help avoid unhappy experiences for some visiting motorists and make sure of a return to Zimbabwe. (via AA South Africa)

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