09 December 2011

New "Cape Winelands District" promotional video

Justin Bonello and his creative "Cooked in Africa" Crew just uploaded an new "Cape Winelands District" promotional video. If you planning on going there, the video will defo enhance your wish of visiting and experiencing the Winelands, which are situated just a few kilometers down the road from Cape Town.

And if you always asked yourself what the famous Wine Festival in Stellenbosch is like, watch the next video as well...

Thx to the "Cooked in Africa"-Crew for the two videos!


  1. Feel like a round of golf in the morning, a lavish lunch in the afternoon and a wine tasting to conclude a perfect day? Our beautiful, historic Paarl Valley has something to offer for every visitor!

  2. Your video is very great. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. thx, but all the credits must go to Justin Bonello and his creative "Cooked in Africa" Crew! ;)