30 December 2011

Kenya: New National Park fees from 01 Jan 2012

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the custodian of Kenya's national parks, announced already back in September 2011 that it will increase the tariffs for the countries National Parks, but they are only now coming into effect.
As of 01 Jan 2012, foreign visitors to Kenya's so-called Premium Parks, Amboseli NP & Lake Nakuru NP, will have to pay a conservation fee of US$80/person per day (2011: low season US$60/person; high season US$75/person) as a flat rate charged throughout the year.
Visits to parks not designated as premium parks, such as Tsavo East NP, Tsavo West NP & Meru NP, will from 01 Jan 2012 have to pay a daily fee of US$65/person.
Pls download (pdf) the complete list of park conservation fees in 2012 for more information.

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