05 December 2011

South Africa: Ever wondered why taxi drivers are actually playing their music that loud? (video)

Vice, an independent online magazine/media company, and British automotive marque Mini are currently running a new online adventure travel series named "All The Wrong Places".
In "All The Wrong Places" the host of the show, Elliott, and a so-called "Co-Pilot" are travelling around the world to plunge into the heart of the most unlikely adventures, or simply into "all the wrong places". To cut the story short - it's a kind of "off the beaten path" travel show" sponsored by Mini...
 Anyway, in episode two of the series, Elliot and his "Co-Pilot" Krishna are visiting Soweto & Johannesburg in South Africa in search for the roots of Kwaito and to find out why the local taxi drivers actually love to play Kwaito & House music that loud in their taxis... Check it out!

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