30 December 2010

The Kruger National Park Calendar - February

  • much the same as January
  • traditionally flood season
  • heavy rains can cause rivers to suddenly burst their banks
  • between 18°C - 33°C (Fahrenheit: e.g. 33°C = [(33x9)]/5 + 32 = 91.4°F)
  • visit travelcomments.com/webcams_sa.htm and follow daily game drives via webcam to check the weather & how the landscape is changing during the year

  • plants at their most nutrtious
  • large vleis (shallow seasonal or intermittent lakes) on the basalt plain
  • many aloes in flower
Animal Activity
  • large herds of grazers spread across the Eastern Grasslands
  • many nursery herds (protected by matriachs or alpha males)
  • breading season for Waterbucks
  • loads of bird activity around the flowering aloes

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  1. Hi Guys,

    My name is Deidre`. My husband and I love travelling in the Southern parts of Africa and we’ve been doing so for the past 16 years.

    Our highlight of the year is going on the Kruger National Park trails where we are able to get far away from the rat race and everything else (including cell phone reception) and immerse ourselves in the bush and its way of life. A group of six of our closest friends joins us and we spend three days hiking in the Kruger, accompanied by two senior trail rangers. It’s a great way to re-kindle old friendships and catch up on old times. And silently walking in the bush forces you to do some introspection and get your priorities right. Some of my greatest ideas have come from these hikes!

    I've started a website about the Kruger Wilderness Trails at www.africaskyblue.com where I've uploaded some trail videos and photos. My husband Arno has also written some stories about our experiences if you are interested.

    We hope you find the stories and videos interesting, please comment if you do (or if you don’t, I guess).

    Do you mind if I post an uplink from our site to yours? Our readers share common interests and I am sure that they’ll find this an interesting post to visit.

    Friendly African Blessings
    Deidre` Joubert