07 December 2010

New super modern speed cameras in Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park just got new speed cameras - right in time for the upcoming 2010 festive season. The new cams do not only record the speed of several oncoming vehicles at the same time but are able to identify vehicles that are exceeding the speed limits. The cameras also take live video footages which Kruger National Park traffic officers can replay to individuals who express doubt when they are caught speeding.

During the 2010 December festive season (with effect from Friday, 10 December 2010), the Kruger National Park law enforcement officers will conduct roadblocks at strategic places all over the park. General patrolling, visibility on the vulnerable areas such as receptions and bank/auto tellers at rest camps, will also form part of this campaign. There will also be strict spot checks at the entrance gates with emphasis on adherence to permit requirements; security personnel have also been tasked to be on the look-out for suspicious persons and vehicles during this busy period. [src.]


  1. GOOD! Now let's hope the useless and completely inconsiderate staff stop speeding and killing the beautiful animals of the world's most amazing park!

  2. Baie dankbaar hiervoor!!! Bly teenaan die Phalaborwa hek en vanaf die hek na Letaba gee mense nie om hoe hulle bestuur of wat se spoed hulle handhaaf nie. Ons het dit al geraporteer met registrasie nommers maar tot en met vandag het daar niks van gekom nie.