15 December 2010

Mafia Island, Tanzania: Ras Mbisi - "Barefoot Luxury" at its best!

Ras Mbisi is the only destination on Mafia Island’s north west coast that boosts 8km of deserted beach with enough sun, sand and fun for a magical getaway. The site consists of 5 acres of lush tropical grounds, plus access to 2000 acres of plantation, coastal forest and mangrove creeks to explore.

Ras Mbisi has 9 bandas. All have a private balcony and an ensuite bathroom with shower and WC, all are en-suite with private balcony and all rooms are approx. 60m² in area.
Ras Mbisi does not claim to be an Eco Lodge, but they are very conscious of their unspoilt surroundings and as such try to use sustainable methods to reduce our impact on the environment. 
These include:
  • they produce power using a bio-mass gasifier
  • composting raw food waste.
  • re-use of all possible containers.
  • low energy lightbulbs.
  • solar hot water.
  • buildings constructed using coco-wood, technically a grass, regarded as a renewable resource.
  • growing many of their own vegetables, fruits and herbs in order to reduce what must be brought in from the mainland.
How to contact/book:
Ras Mbisi Lodge
P O Box 16
Mafia Island
Tel: +255 (0) 754 663739 or +255 (0) 753 284397
Skype: ras.mbisi.lodge (please note, they can currently only use text on skype due to the limitations of their satellite internet connection)
Email: contact@mafiaislandtz.com
Facebook group

How to get here:
Two charter airlines currently serve Mafia Island:

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