08 December 2010

Zimbabwe: Tourists warned about dangerous Harare Airport Road

South African online news website Eye Witness News is reporting that there are increasing attacks on cars on Airport Road, which is leading to and from the International Airport of Zimbabwe's capital Harare. Cars travelling on the road, which does not have streetlights in some sections, are getting targeted by a ciminal gang known as Zimbabwe Mafia. Taking advantage of the dark conditions most attacks are occuring after sunset (currently around 1830hrs).

Größere Kartenansicht

Travellers arriving at Harare International Airport after dark should therefore be super careful. EWN is furthermore reporting that the criminals are known to "puncture tyres belonging to Harare residents who have gone to pick up friends and relatives. People then get flat tyres on the airport road where the gang steals luggage from overseas visitors." So pls take care and check the tyres of the car you are getting picked up with! Safe travels!

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