09 December 2010

Cape Town: Airport improves parking

The pick up and go area of Cape Town's International Airport (CTIA) is getting relocated to the ground floor of Parkade 1 on 10 Dec 2010 and a long stay parking option will be introduced in the Shade net 2 area soon thereafter.
Airport users collecting passengers opting not to park will use the new pick up and go area in Parkade 1 where a free half an hour will be allowed for collection. If the half an hour is exceeded a sharply increasing tariff will be payable. This tariff is charged as a deterrent to ensure that users do not abuse the pick up and go area, but use it for the reason for which it is intended, to pick up and go.

The pick up and go area will be equipped with Flight Information Display Boards in the foyer of the parkade so that people collecting someone will be able to see the status of the flight. If a flight is significantly delayed it is recommended that users depart the pick up and go area and park in one of the parking areas available. The new pick up and go area is also significantly closer to the terminal building.
Long stay parking is another parking product that users who are travelling for an extended period of time can benefit from. Located in the Shade net 2 (to be renamed P4) area, this parking product offers users with an extended stay, such as parking the vehicle overnight or for a weekend, an area where their vehicles can be parked securely. The tariffs offer parkers a significant discount over the normal shade net parking if staying longer than two days. [src.]

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