07 September 2009

Sandboarding in Swakopmund

Sandboarding in Namibia from Peter Leenhouts on Vimeo.

Surfed on ocean and on snow? Well everyone has done that too. So why not surf on sand now? Yes, at Namib Desert feel free to experiment your wild side and try a game of Sandboarding. If you are good at water surfing or snowboarding you must try this game. Applying the same principle, you will quickly pick up the art and easily slide down the dunes. Namib is reputed for having the highest sand dunes so you can be assured of having the time of your life. If you are a beginner, don’t worry because surfing on sand is much safer than surfing on water or snow. You won’t have to worry about drowning or falling down steep slopes. After falling few times on soft sand, you will soon learn the art and learn to surf like a professional. Who knows it might even help you try water surfing and snowboarding later. So head over to Namib Desert and surf down the lofty dunes as long as your energy can sustain!

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