07 September 2009

BBC documentary podcast: Why is Africa poor?

Why is Africa poor? Part 1
Duration: 24 mins
Mark Doyle crosses the continent of Africa and finds a place rich in natural resources and human potential, which begs the question, why is Africa poor? Outsiders have been coming to Africa for centuries for its raw materials and potential. It was an exploitative relationship that has contributed to Africa's poverty, but can foreigners now turn the fortunes of a modern Africa? [download]

Why is Africa poor? Part 2
Duration: 24 mins
Accusations of tribalism, corruption and complacency have all been offered as explanations to the question of Africa's poverty. Mark Doyle looks at each of these and asks why the status quo persists. [download]

Why is Africa poor? Part 3
Duration: 24 mins
Enterprise, money, innovation are all there. Is tapping into a continent's optimism the key to Africa's future? Mark Doyles looks at the solutions to solve Africa's poverty. [download]

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