23 August 2011

TED Talk - Dyan deNapoli: The great penguin rescue

Dyan deNapoli, known as "the Penguin Lady" and head of her own educational company, tells the story of the world's largest volunteer animal rescue. She describes how in June of 2000, the oil tanker Treasure sank off the coast of South Africa, so that some 1,400 tonnes of heavy fuel oil leaked from the bulk carrier into the sea off Cape Town. All this happened during the best breeding season on record thus far for the then-threatened (and now endangered) African Penguin. A total of more than 40,000 oiled penguins were saved during the rescue.

Dyan deNapoli's current book "The Great Penguin Rescue: 40,000 Penguins, a Devastating Oil Spill, and the Inspiring Story of the World's Largest Animal Rescue" is available from the TravelComments.com eShop!

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