26 August 2011

The Mai Mai Market in Johannesburg

The Mai Mai Market, located on the corner of Anderson and Berea streets in Johannesburg's city centre, is the city's oldest market. The market was originally dedicated to traditional African medicine or "muti" and is still giving the visitor a glimpse into the exotic world of ethnic medicine, but you can now also buy traditional artefacts, including Zulu attire, clothes made from animal skins and feathers, walking sticks, knobkerries, shields, sandals or beaded items.

The market home to about 600 people, many of whom have lived in the complex for decades, evolving into a close-knit and self-contained community. Dance competitions featuring dancing troupes from hostels across the city are a regular feature of the complex. If you are planning to visit Johannesburg, don't miss out the Mai Mai Market. Kudos @ Jennifer Cipperly for the video!

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