22 August 2011

Official Tanzania Tourism Board promo video "Tanzania - Authentic Africa"

Tanzania Tourism Board's promotional video "Tanzania - Authentic Africa" has been on youtube.com for a year now and "only" 226 people watched it so far. Is it a lack of advertisement that only such a small number of people have watched it? Is it too long (11min) for a promo video? Is noone interested in such videos? (update 01 Feb 2012: it is 421 views now)
I must say that I actually quite like it as the video highlights all the great tourism spots of Tanzania, it's widlife and people and various cultures. Well done @TTB!

1 comment:

  1. I just viewed the film. It is amazing. Definitely makes me anticipate my trip more (and makes me want to share it more). I came this sight - to see the video - because I looked up #Tanzania on Twitter. Perhaps the reason for so few views is more to do with marketing and the length or quality of the production.