18 August 2011

A single visa for tourists visiting South Africa & Mozambique?

update (19 Aug 2011) - Voice of America (VoA) is now also reporting about it! 

According to the Mozambique News agency (AIM), Mozambique's Tourism Minister Fernando Sumbana announced that the governments of Mozambique and South Africa will soon begin to issue single visas for tourists who wish to visit both countries.
The Malaysian National News Agency is furthermore quoting the minister saying that the new "single visa" initiative will cover 14 European Union countries.
Bloomberg Businessweek is citing the Mozambican independent daily O Pais reporting that, according to South African Tourism Minister Marthinus Schalkwyk, the initiative might be implemented ‘soon’ in all 14 countries of the Southern African Development Community.

Can anyone confirm this? Any more info about the initiative?

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